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OffShore Development Center

"Dirgha" an OffShore Development Center

The Offshore Development Center (also refered to as ODC) is trending popular business model to lower operating expenses and raise productivity levels by using offshore talent.
There are situations when some organisation do not have any relevent experience or do not have the necessary resources for the development of software solution required, be it Android/Ios Applications, ERP or CRM software development, website or web application development. Or if a non IT company needs IT services for enhancement, improvement, migration or re-engineering of their existing software solutions. In this situations Dirgha playes a vital role of helping client to grow as per their expectaions.
Role of Dirgha
With Dirgha, an ODC from Pune, India, we deliver services to a wide range of businesses willing to use the Offshore Development Center model. An Offshore Development Center is nothing but remote counterpart to in-house IT development team. Consider it as a virtual department, a dedicated team of software developers situated beyond your office, though never out of reach. Contracting with an offshore development center allows business to better focus on their core value competencies and increase their agility dramatically while embracing the expertise of Dirgha's offshore development team.
The Offshore Development Center model is proven as a highly effective tool that gives you greater visibility and predictability throughout your development process.
When can use these services?
  1. * When Your company needs an additional employee due to volume growth
  2. * due to new product or service introduction
  3. * When an employee is required to perform temporary work
  4. * When the company have limitations to its premises
  5. * When the enterprise has limitations due to the number of employees

Skills & Knowledge

Dirgha has a great pool of talented software developers with world-class education and familiarity with the latest and greatest technology.

Shorter Timeframe

Working with Dirgha ODC will reduce time frame of software solution significantly as we support suggest planned and agile development methodology.

Cost Savings

This could be as much as 40-80% with a well-managed ODC. By opting to work with an ODC company, the client has fewer capital expenditures.

Tailored Solutions

We are always adoptive to NDA, standards, and work environment of client, while maintaining their focus on domain knowledge, skills, and products.

Knowledge Retention

We make sure that any and all knowledge gained during the project course remains with the center even if any one move on, ensuring that providing exceptional services to the client in future.

Dedicated Resource Allocation

Dedicated team of professionals will be allocated to clients project only after their selection by respective clients. Resource once assigned will be released only after completion of project.

Controlled and Monitored Budget

With ODC model business will have a full control on expenses for team and also can closly monitor budget and compare the status of workdone.

Best Quality

ODC team members always stick to best quality service policy, so our clients don’t ever have to worry about unexpectedly standing behind their competitors.
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